Land and Table offers frequent events to connect, educate, and inspire new agrarians, young farmers, homesteaders, local food lovers, and anyone interested in self-reliant living and regenerative agriculture.

Since late 2011 we have been hosting monthly potlucks at various farms, cultural centers, and other venues around the Lynchburg, Virginia region.

We are currently working on expanding the events we offer. Check out below some opportunities to get engaged:


Land & Table potlucks


We’ve been hosting monthly potlucks for over a decade! Join us on the evening of the third Tuesday of the month (Bedford County) or the third Saturday of the month (Amherst) for networking, community building, skillsharing, forums, work parties, topical presentations, and more.

L&T Book Club


This book club is a way to engage with the core ideas and topics important to the local food movement. The L&T Book Club is currently on pause, but you can check out our previous books from the Bedford County and Lynchburg area libraries.


ReSkill workshops by Land & Table


ReSkill workshops are intensive learning environments for homesteaders, homegrowers, farmers, and anyone looking to reclaim the agrarian skills needed for a more food secure, resilient life.



Events + Updates

Soil Biology For Resilient Crops (7/20)

Soil Biology For Resilient Crops (7/20)

Join us Saturday, July 20 (5-7pm) for the monthly Land & Table Amherst County potluck hosted by Brooklyn Hills Ranch. We will be discussing key steps to increasing and supporting soil biology to create better and more resilient crops. The discussion will also touch on essential teachings by soil and agronomy experts like John Kempf, Christine Jones, and others.

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Of Flowers and Flourishing (7/16)

Of Flowers and Flourishing (7/16)

Join us Tuesday, July 16 (6-8pm) at Little Otter Flower Farm in Bedford, Virginia for a potluck, farm tour, and walking conversation on therapeutic care farming, autism awareness, and how growing flowers can lead to human flourishing, in community.

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