Revitalizing Local

Food, Land & Community

Our Vision

Since late 2011, the Land & Table network of farmers, homesteaders, and local food advocates has been seeking to revitalize the connections between local food, land, and community. Our vision is to catalyze and strengthen small family farms, self-reliant families, and community based local food initiatives to create a thriving regional food system in the Lynchburg, Virginia regional area. Join us!

Central to our work is seeking the social, ecological, and economic resilience of our region by advocating for regenerative agriculture,  enduring relational networks, and food-based small  businesses. This work is accomplished through four main key areas of focus:


We seek to support and promote the Lynchburg region’s local farms,
food producers, and food entrepreneurs by expanding marketing channels, training,
skill-sharing and community building.


We seek to help strengthen the food security of families in our region’s rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods – by offering food production resources, training, skill-sharing, seed sharing and distribution, and community building.


We seek to accelerate the widespread adoption of ecological and regenerative agricultural practices through educational training, demonstration sites, and
mentorship programs (both formal and informal).


We seek to raise awareness about the importance of relocalizing food production, and local eating for our personal, social, ecological, and economic health. It is time to decentralize our food system.

Think Local

“Properly speaking, global thinking is not possible… Look at one of those photographs of half the earth taken from outer space, and see if you recognize your neighborhood. The right local questions and answers will be the right global ones. The Amish question, what will this do to our community? tends toward the right answer for the world.”

– Wendell Berry

Land and Table

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