ReSkill Workshops

ReSkill workshops

ReSkill workshops are intensive learning environments for homesteaders, homegrowers, farmers, and anyone looking to reclaim the agrarian skills needed for a more food secure, resilient life.

We live in a culture of convenience and consumerism but there is a emerging a new generation that is passionate about food sovereignty and reclaiming long lost skills in the field and kitchen. Whether you are a homesteader, home grower, or farmer, these workshops are designed to give you the confidence you need for a life that is committed to going back-to-the-land… or should we say: “forward to the land!”

Raising Meat Rabbits – ReSkill Workshop

Raising Meat Rabbits – ReSkill Workshop

COST: $20 (per person)Are you interested in self-reliant living and taking charge of food production for your family? Learn how to start raising your own meat rabbits in this comprehensive ReSkill homesteading workshop by Land & Table on Saturday, July 29 (9:30am...

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