Spring is almost upon us and gardening will soon be in full swing. Join us on the evening of March 15 for a seed swap and social (+ potluck!) on Tuesday, March 15 (6-8pm), at the Sedalia Center in northern Bedford County.

We’re excited to be hosting our first seed swap! If you have never been to a seed swap, it is just what it sounds like – but maybe even better than you expect. What do you need to bring to a seed swap? See the checklist below. You can bring:

  • Heirloom or organic veggie seeds to share.
  • Veggie seedlings /small plants to share (please label all plants).
  • Envelopes or small ziploc bags for taking seed.
  • Marker or pen for labeling seeds if not in packet.
  • Flower bulbs, seeds, and seedlings are also welcome.
  • Seed catalogs or garden planning resources for onsite viewing.
  • Seed saving resources for onsite viewing.

Please note: Your seeds, and seedlings / small plants can be home-cultivated or store bought. If you have no seeds or plants to share – come anyway, take seeds home, and financially support the Land & Table seed library before you leave.



  • GMO or chemical coated seeds.
  • GMO seedlings / plants.
This event will be open to the public and all are welcome.


Bring a main dish to share. This is a potluck.
(Or your own dinner if you do not want to participate in the potluck).

Bring your own dishware (plate, utensils, etc).

This is an indoor event and is rain or shine.

Kids are welcome but they must be attended to by a parent during the event.

PLEASE NOTE: As always, if you are not feeling well, or have a persistent cough, we ask that you stay home and rest. Because…there are some things that are not good to share.

Sedalia Center, 1108 Sedalia School Rd, Big Island, VA 24526

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This is a free event open to the public. Please support our work in organizing these monthly events. Make sure to ‘Tip the Chicken’ when you arrive. Thanks!

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