Join us for our first monthly potluck of the year on Tuesday, Feb. 18 (6-8pm) at the Sedalia Center in northern Bedford County, Virginia. Our topic for the evening will be: ‘Sew and Tell: Mending Skillshare and Visioning Forum’.

We will be focusing on recovering the lost art of mending clothes by hand. Lead by Arden Jones of Great Day Gardens, there will be some basic instruction and hands-on demonstration. Bring a piece of clothing that needs to be mended. Some needles and thread will be available but bring your own if you have them.

We will also open the floor for sharing farm, garden, kitchen, and life goals for 2020 – how do you plan to ‘mend’ the world this year – and how can we work together to be a restorative influence in our communities? The ancient Jewish concept of “tikuun olam” or “mending the world” encourages us to look for ways to make our corner of the world a better place. What is torn that needs to be mended? What is wounded that needs to be healed? What is neglected that again needs to be cared for?

Join us as we eat together, learn together, and share vision for a new year and a new season.



– Bring a friend.

– Clothing to be mended + Needle and thread if you have it.

– A healthy dish to share. If food is homemade include an index card with your ingredients if possible (not necessary but appreciated).

– Your own dishware / utensils/ cups.

– Your financial support is welcome (see below).

(This is an indoor event)

Latecomers welcome. This is also a family friendly event. Children of all ages are welcome but must be supervised. Bring quieter games or activities to keep young ones occupied during group talking or presentation time. Thank you!

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2019 (6-8pm)
We will begin with announcements and intros, start eating between 6:15 and 6:30pm, and then start the skillshare and forum around 7:00pm.

The Sedalia Center (northern Bedford County), 1108 Sedalia School Rd Big Island, VA 24526

Cost: FREE – but there will be a jar for tips. (Help us keep these events going!). 

Please RSVP. Let Us Know You’re Coming!

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