What just happened in Bedford County will have far-reaching effects.[/caption] From the News and Advance:

“A battle for Bedford County’s culture sprouted at a joint public hearing on changing zoning setbacks for concentrated animal feeding operations, which opponents referred to as factory farms. The seeds of the confrontation were sown in at least the last week as county supervisors and planning commissioners fielded calls from irate taxpayers on both sides. Residents filled the board chambers and spilled into the hallway Monday. The operations are large buildings for growing animals — for example 30,000-plus chicken coops — to produce meat for a large company. While the buildings and land are owned by the farmer, the animals usually are owned by the processor. The planning commission voted 4-2, and the supervisors voted 6-1, to decrease the set backs for these operations following a public hearing that lasted almost two hours. The operations were not banned in Bedford County, but regulations were such that few, if any, parcels are large enough to meet them for poultry and swine. The board and commission’s decisions will allow the operations much closer to property lines, dwellings, residential subdivisions public facilities, streams and public water sources. The majority of those who faced the supervisors and commissioners Monday night asked the setbacks not be cut, at least not so “drastically,” for the sake of community, economic and environmental health. Some said they should be equaled by raising setbacks for cattle and beef…”
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