Guerrants of White Flint Farm Bill and Cherie Guerrant of White Flint Farm[/caption] Our good friends Bill and Cherie Guerrant of White Flint Farm (near Danville, Virginia), are having an Open House April 27 (this Saturday!). Bill and Cherie are good friends of ours who we originally connected with through our main project Sustainable Traditions. They have been a long distance part of our Land and Table gatherings -driving, when they can, to our monthly gatherings here in the Lynchburg area. They have developed their own network of farmers in the Danville area called the ‘Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia’ and who knows – maybe some day a Land and Table gathering will spring up down that way. We plan on going out for the open house this Saturday . If you want to get a taste of what other sustainably-minded family farms are doing outside of the Lynchburg regional area this would be a great chance for a little fun and educational field trip. Learn more: here.]]>

Land And Table

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