Backyard chickens coming to Bedford County?[/caption] Some recent interesting news from the News & Advance concerning backyard chickens in Bedford County:

“Chickens may soon come to roost in residential areas of Bedford County where they currently are barred. The planning commission Tuesday discussed allowing chickens as a by-right use in backyards throughout residentially zoned properties. Such animals are allowed in agricultural zoned areas, but raising chickens in residential areas is not permitted. Commissioners agreed on a number of points, giving planning staff direction in crafting a new regulation. The commission and Bedford County Board of Supervisors will vote on zoning text amendment after public hearings. “The issue to me is keeping the chickens off the other guy’s property,” Commissioner Steve Wilkerson said. Staff researched what other localities in Virginia, including some bordering Bedford, have done with regard to chickens in residential areas. Planner Brad Robinson presented that information to the commission. Some localities regulate chickens in residential areas through codes rather than zoning, he said. County Attorney Carl Boggess recommended the commission address chickens through zoning instead of a code change. Commissioners agreed that permits should not be required, the animals be pinned or caged on at least a quarter of an acre, roosters not be allowed in residential areas, a certain distance be required between lots and that 18 be the maximum number of chickens a resident could have…” (Continue reading at News & Advance)

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