We launched Land and Table at the end of 2011 as a roundtable discussion with two questions for the Lynchburg area: what do we want local leaders to do to grow the local food movement – and what can we do to grow the local food movement in our area? Five years later we continue to meet for monthly networking potlucks and our vision continues to be driven by the desire to connect and grow the local food movement.

Two aspects of the Land and Table vision include: connecting growers and food producers in the Lynchburg area – and spreading the word about all the great local foods that we have available to the wider community. Up until now we have focused primarily on connecting the local food movement – and now we want to continue to ‘grow local’ by also promoting local foods to the community.

Starting today we are launching a ‘20 Days to Grow Local’ campaign to help us fund-raise for 2017. We have designed a custom, vintage-style ‘Grow Local’ t-shirt design that is now available for the next 20 days on the fundraising platform Bonfire. There are several different colors and styles available (including women’s cut/colors and youth sizes). Our goal is to get 115 shirts out there – the donation we are asking per shirt is around $22. The campaign will end on February 28 and then orders will ship around 03/10/2017. With this fundraising push we want to move forward with the following:

  • Pursuing solidifying Land and Table as an actual organization/non-profit. Right now we are only a grassroots network but we can do so much more with some structure behind the vision.
  • Implement a local buyer’s guide for the Lynchburg Area on the Land and Table website. We have already revamped the Land and Table website – next we want to add profiles for direct-to-consumer local farmers, farmers markets, food entrepreneurs and locally-owned restaurants. Once we launch this part of the website we will begin thinking about a print publication to supplement the website.
  • Implement a community calendar that highlights events relevant to the local food movement.
  • Begin the planning process for launching ReSkill workshops – that will feature agrarian, cooking and other skills geared towards anyone wanting to become more self-reliant.
  • Continue to host monthly networking potlucks – that include forums, presentations, and community building.

Do you want to help us ‘Grow Local’? Please consider following the link below, making a donation, ordering a shirt and spreading the word. Help us Grow Local!




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