20 Days to Grow Local’ campaign to help us fund-raise for 2017. We have designed a custom, vintage-style ‘Grow Local’ t-shirt design that is now available for the next 20 days on the fundraising platform Bonfire. There are several different colors and styles available (including women’s cut/colors and youth sizes). Our goal is to get 115 shirts out there – the donation we are asking per shirt is around $22. The campaign will end on February 28 and then orders will ship around 03/10/2017. With this fundraising push we want to move forward with the following:

  • Pursuing solidifying Land and Table as an actual organization/non-profit. Right now we are only a grassroots network but we can do so much more with some structure behind the vision.
  • Implement a local buyer’s guide for the Lynchburg Area on the Land and Table website. We have already revamped the Land and Table website – next we want to add profiles for direct-to-consumer local farmers, farmers markets, food entrepreneurs and locally-owned restaurants. Once we launch this part of the website we will begin thinking about a print publication to supplement the website.
  • Implement a community calendar that highlights events relevant to the local food movement.
  • Begin the planning process for launching ReSkill workshops – that will feature agrarian, cooking and other skills geared towards anyone wanting to become more self-reliant.
  • Continue to host monthly networking potlucks – that include forums, presentations, and community building.
Do you want to help us ‘Grow Local’? Please consider following the link below, making a donation, ordering a shirt and spreading the word. Help us Grow Local!