The monthly Land and Table gatherings returns to Tuesday evenings[/caption] Welcome to the new year friends! We took a break in January but we’re back in action in February with a few important changes. Life is alot like good farming and gardening – alot of experimenting, figuring out what works and what doesn’t and always trying something new. Land and Table has been much like this as well – it’s never been a clean process of having answers and knowing what to do – but experimenting. learning, cultivating and always returning to original intent – connect people, build community, encourage sustainable agriculture in local farms and gardens. New Monthly Meeting Time As a part of the new year we are moving our monthly community potluck gatherings back to Tuesday evenings once a month – third Tuesday of each month. If you have ideas for any community forum topics, workshops, speakers or other aspects of our monthly gatherings please feel free to let us know through our Contact page. Whether you have been a regular attender or have never attended – we invite you to network with other folks interested in sustainable agriculture, local food, intentional living, agrarian skills, and creating a more resilient regional community. Our next gathering will be Tuesday, February 17th at the newly opened Mountain Run Farm Showbarn/farm store in northern Bedford County. Mason Jar Fund Also, since we have always had an open general membership and have operated for years on a scraggly shoestring budget (plus a little elbow grease) we will be putting out the big ole’ mason jar for those of you who would like to make a cash donation at the door each month. Only do it if you want to help us develop Land and Table into something with deeper roots and bigger (or at least juicier) fruit. If you don’t have any cash or don’t feel compelled to help out financially, as always these events will continue to be free and open to everyone.  ]]>

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