March 4th join us for a potluck, ice cream and forum[/caption] Well friends, another month is almost spent and a new month is waiting at the gate. So too the seasons. We may still be in the grip of Winter but it’s power is diminishing little by little and the promise of Spring beckons us to start seedlings and prepare for a new time of growing. As all things turn and change we also must keep pace with the nature of things. The Land and Table initiative is changing and growing as well and we will be unveiling some exciting (and very significant) possibilities for the remainder of the year at our upcoming meeting. Our next gathering is this coming Tuesday, March 4 (from 4:30-7:30 pm) at the Mountain Run Farm saloon/farm store. We will be hosting our usual community potluck and networking time but we will be mixing in a special treat as well – an ice cream extravaganza with homemade, farm-fresh ice cream from Mountain Run Farm! We ask that you bring your normal dish to share for the potluck but we are also asking that you bring a topping to share for the ice cream (remember to keep in the realm of healthy and delicious). As I mentioned, we have some exciting news to share about changes that are coming to our monthly Land and Table gatherings. With potluck goodness and ice cream still in hand we will also be facilitating an open forum to get your opinion about the proposed upcoming changes. If you have been a regular attender of our gatherings or are a part of our Farm Network we hope you will take time to make your voice be heard as we seek to refine the way we accomplish our mission to cultivate and support the local, ecologically-minded food and agriculture community. Please RSVP via the information below or on the Facebook event page! Don’t miss this important event and if you cannot be in attendance please watch the Land and Table website for an announcement on the upcoming changes.


  • Community Potluck
  • Networking (hang out with friends and meet some new ones)
  • Homemade, all natural, farm fresh Ice Cream Extravaganza
  • Big announcement and forum
  • Bring a homemade healthy dish to share. Also, if you can, please label your dish with your name and what you made that would be helpful.
  • Bring your own dishware (plates, cups, utensils, etc) (help us keep unnecessary trash out of the landfill) (A dishwashing area will be provided).
  • Bring a topping to share to include in the ice cream extravaganza (farm-fresh ice cream will be provided).
  • Bring your opinion and cast your vote about the proposed changes to our monthly gatherings.
TIME & PLACE: Tuesday, March 4, 2013 (4:30-7:30 pm) Mountain Run Farm (saloon/farm store – near the pond) in Bedford County, Virginia (Sedalia) Address: 2734 Charlemont Rd, Big Island, Va 24526 (view map) This gathering is open to everyone in the regional community. Please RSVP by sending an email to: Jason [at] SustainableTraditions [dot] com . Also feel free to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook.
Land and Table March flyer
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Land And Table

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