Land and Table January gathering cancelled[/caption] I hope this new year finds you and your family thriving. As for me and my tribe we have not been so fortunate with our household of 8 getting hit with nasty coughs and fevers right after Christmas. Our youngest, who is 2 years old and was born with Down Syndrome, developed croup – was having very distressed breathing and so we ended up in Lynchburg in the ER and then an overnight stay. We got home yesterday afternoon but are all still in the process of healing. We appreciate your prayers as I’m sure many of you could use the same in this season of crazy viruses and roller coaster weather. JANUARY GATHERING CANCELLED So, all that being said – we are staying home and recovering and are cancelling the Land and Table gathering coming this Tuesday. I hope you will use this month off to consider your role in the regional local food movement, your neighborhood and your household in advancing healthy, real, local foods and reconnecting with the land. We all have a part to play and I hope in 2013 that many more of us will find where we fit in the renewal of our communities. SAVE THE DATE: NEXT GATHERING FEBRUARY 5th (FIRST TUESDAY OF FEB.) We may be down but we’re not out – our gatherings will resume in February on the 5th (the first Tuesday of the month). We will continue to host the most incredibly delectable potluck in the whole region and provide space to talk about actions we can collectively take to supercharge community resilience, the local food movement, and the growth of our local economy. Be looking for the February gathering details near the end of January (we will post here on the website, send out via email, and Facebook).]]>

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