For years we’ve been dreaming about creating a local food guide (web and print) for the Lynchburg regional area that would inspire a love for local eating and provide easy access to all the info about buying local foods. Other regions, of Virginia, and all over the nation, have developed local food directories highlighting all the good things growing in their unique locales. Why have we not done the same?

Whether you are a farmer, food entrepreneur, related business or just a passionate advocate of eating local foods – this project will benefit the entire community – but we need your help to bring this dream into reality.

Join us Tuesday, October 17 (5-8pm) at Lynchburg Grows urban farm for a networking potluck and brainstorming forum on the development of the first Lynchburg regional local food guide. This is one of many meetings where we will explore the “what” and “how” of creating this much needed directory. We will be looking for your feedback (yes, you!) on various ideas for to make this happen, such as:

  • Guide format.
  • Farm and Business rating system
  • Fundraising and business models
  • Formation of working group or groups
  • and more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your input, “put your hand to the plow” and be a part of cultivating a thriving Lynchburg area regional food system and community-driven local economy.


Lynchburg Grows (first greenhouse)
1339 Englewood St.Lynchburg, VA 24501 (not far from city stadium)

(Parking: From Englewood st., take the driveway in front of the greenhouses and turn on the driveway to the right. It’s a very obvious parking lot. If you come from Rutherford st., drive up the driveway and take the driveway to the left. again, very obvious parking lot.)

Tuesday, October 17 (5-8pm)
5:00-5:30 | Arrive, network, start eating
5:45-6:45 | Eat together, network, wrap up eating
6:50-8:00 | Discussion begins.
(please note: if you cannot make it by 5:00 please feel free to come when you can.)


  1. Please bring a cash or check donation for Lynchburg Grows (let’s show them appreciation for their work and for allowing us to use their space.
  2. Healthy dinner food to share (please label with tape)
  3. Please bring a lawn chair
  4. Your own dishware (plate or bowl, cup, silverware ,etc)


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