We have always encouraged local eating as a way to pursue health of body, land, community, and economy. But the other half of catalyzing a shift towards local eating and holistic living is to advocate for a revival of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), agrarian culture. The future of farming in our country isn’t just about supporting local, sustainable farmers, it’s about going back to growing local yourself – it’s about reweaving agrarian ways back into the fabric of our communities.

Living off the land has been the main mode of human culture until beginning in the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th century. Since the shift to the industrial production economy there have been numerous ‘Back to the Land’ movements. In more modern times, in the U.S., the 60’s and 70’s saw the dream of living close to the land rekindled and spread like wildfire. We believe that again today we are in the midst of a new cultural moment when the dream of restoring our agrarian roots has inspired young and old alike.

But is it really possible to shift from a life of box store conveniences towards land-based, simpler living, self-sufficiency and community interdependence? Is it a pipe dream or is it practically attainable? Can we even go beyond ‘living off the land’ to embedding ourselves in the land? What could this look like? What changes of mind, motivation and lifestyle does this require? What goals can we set before us to change how we live in these times?

Join us in Sedalia (northern Bedford County) on Tuesday, April 17 (5-8pm), for our monthly Land and Table potluck and an open forum discussion on ‘Living Off the Land’. We will be discussing both personal action and community formation necessary to encourage this shift locally. Come ready to share your successes and failures, questions, and encouragement.

As always, eating begins around 5:45 (come later if you need to); membership is not required to attend; all are welcome; bring a friend!

The Sedalia Center (northern Bedford County)
1108 Sedalia School Road Big Island, VA 24526

Tuesday, April 17 (5-8pm)
5:00-5:45 | Networking and arriving
6:00-6:45 | Eating together
6:45-8:00 | Open forum – topic: Living Off the Land


– Healthy dinner food to share (please label if possible)
– Your own dishware (plate or bowl, cup, silverware ,etc)
– If you have children please bring quiet toys, coloring, or other activities
for during the forum. (please note: parents are responsible for supervising their own kids)


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