For the past six years we have grown Land and Table in the Lynchburg region as a grassroots network, with a focus on connecting people, building relationships, and cultivating an open and welcoming community. We are farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, friends and others of like mind who are passionate about sustainable agriculture, local eating and intentional living. We come from different political and spiritual backgrounds. We come from different stations and walks of life. We are young, old and every age in-between. But despite our differences, all of us have a common interest, not just in eating and growing local food – but in cultivating a thriving local community. This thriving is related to local food, agriculture, economy, ecology, culture – and the web of relationships that we live in the midst of.

Join us Tuesday, March 20 (5-8 pm) as we discuss plans for the next phase of the Land and Table community – the continued growth of the network, creation of a social impact for-profit business, and a long term view to develop a non-profit foundation. There will be further discussion about Rootstock, our call to action, collaboration, and mobilization. As we move forward, Rootstock will serve as the inner leadership core of Land and Table as we step into more deeply fulfilling our mission to connect, support and accelerate the local food movement.

There will be a practical call to action, invitation to leadership, and visioncasting for a widespread cultural shift in how we eat and grow food in the Lynchburg region. Three kinds of ‘rootstocker’ roles will be laid out: Elders/Advisors, Catalysts/Community Leaders, and Resourcers/Financial Backers. This meeting is open to regular attenders of our monthly potlucks. Anyone in the Lynchburg area who is interested is also welcome to attend – our public gatherings are always open and there is no membership requirement. Memberships are obtained by continual attendance.

Children are welcome but must be monitored by the parents.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018 / Bedford County (Sedalia)

The Sedalia Center
1108 Sedalia School Road Big Island, VA 24526

Tuesday, March 20 (5-8pm)
5:00-5:45 | Open networking and arriving
6:00-6:45 | Eating together
6:45-8:00 | Roostock visioncasting


– Healthy dinner food to share (please label if possible)
– Your own dishware (plate or bowl, cup, silverware ,etc)
– A quiet game or toys if you are bringing kids (we will be indoors)


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